Quick Credit Score Fixes for 2012

It’s almost the year 2012 and if you’re still stuck in bad credit, now is the perfect time to begin rebuilding your score.  Consider the following quick credit score fixes:


1. Check your latest credit report.  Consumers are entitled to receive one free credit report from each of the three credit bureaus annually.


2. Clean up errors in your report.  Errors in your credit report can badly hurt your rating. 


3. Pay off past due debts. Are there debts in your account that are not yet paid?  Do not delay. 


4. Stay current with your payments.  Aside from paying your old debts, be sure to keep up with your current payments as well.


5. Negotiate with a creditor. If you have incurred a large balance in one of your credit card accounts, the best thing to do is negotiate with the creditor.


6. Do not close out unused accounts. Never try to close an account if it has an existing balance.


7. Use your credit card regularly.  If you do not have credit card debt, one way to boost your credit score is to use your credit card frequently for small purchases.


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