4 Factors to Consider Before Applying for a Secured Credit Card

Before you start searching for the best secured credit card account, we suggest that you consider first the factors we have listed below. We believe that by doing so, you can improve your chances of ending up with a line of credit that will suit your needs and budget.


Four Factors to Think About 

  • Your personal finances. Credit applicants, such as yourself, are always reminded to take the time to review their personal finances before they start shopping for a credit card. Why?  Because creating a budget will give you the chance to consider if you really need and can afford a new secured credit card. Ask yourself, do I NEED a new credit card, or do I just WANT a new credit card.  

So, when you create your budget, make sure you list all your bills. As you know, secured credit cards are secured by a deposit you make to the credit card company. By creating a budget you can figure out how much money you need to save each month until you have enough for your security deposit and fees. On the other hand, if your budget reveals that you are basically living paycheck to paycheck and that your income barely covers your monthly expenses then, it might be best to wait until you become more stable, financially before you consider getting a new credit card


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