Health care costs cannot be sustained

Last year, a financial analyst assessed the financial strength of the United States government as if it were a business. The bottom line was, frankly, frightening.The book, “USA Inc., was a series of Power Point slides by Mary Meeker.Here are few of her conclusions:

■ “In effect, USA Inc. is maxing out its credit card. It has fallen into a pattern of spending more than it earns and is issuing debt at nearly every turn.”


■ “At the margin, investing in productive capital, education and technology — the very tools needed to compete in the global marketplace — has stagnated.”


Despite its problems, the financial situation in the U.S. is fixable, Meeker wrote, if we will clearly communicate and take bold action. The government’s condition is better than Apple’s in 1997, she wrote, which turned around to become the most valuable corporation in the world.


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