Where We Stand: Modernize America’s Education and Job Training Systems

Politicians, researchers, policymakers and the media seem to be in agreement that the world of work is changing rapidly and so, too, must the nation’s job training and education systems.
A recent Harvard University Graduate School of Education report concluded, without equivocation, that, “The American system for preparing young people to lead productive and prosperous lives as adults is ... badly broken.”

The report also noted that “other countries manage to equip a much larger fraction of their young people with occupationally relevant skills and credentials by their early 20s,” thereby easing the transition into adulthood. The International Labor Organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, recently reported that adults will continue to face employment problems unless they have a well-developed job training system available to them that can help them adjust to the post-Great Recession work place.

NLC shares these concerns and, as a result, has been urging Congress and the Administration to modernize its K-12, post-secondary and job training systems to ensure that every American has access to an adequate education and job training services.


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