Frequent Miler - Why Chase cancels accounts (and how to protect yourself)

For people interested in earning miles and points, Chase credit cards are awesome.  Chase has many of the best signup bonuses available, and with their Ultimate Rewards they have the best flexible points program bar none.  Ultimate Rewards points can be freely moved from one person’s account to another, and can be freely and instantly transferred to airline miles and hotel points at any time (using either the Sapphire Preferred or the Ink Bold). 

I frequently post tips on how to earn huge numbers of Ultimate Rewards points beyond those given as credit card sign up bonuses.  Many thousands of extra points can be earned when shopping for items you intend to buy anyway, buying free after rebate items, buying and selling merchant gift cards, and even through buying and using Visa gift cards.

Overall, Chase has made free travel almost ridiculously easy.  The last thing you would ever want to do is to get cut off from this gravy train.  But it does happen….

When searching the web, you can easily find dozens of stories of people who were cut off by Chase.  The stories have a common theme:  They discovered, without warning, all of their Chase accounts closed.  In almost all of these stories, pleas to Chase were unheeded, and questions about why were unanswered. 


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