Poor Credit? How To Get Approved For Bad Credit Credit Cards

If you have bad credit, you know just how hard it can be to get approvedbuilding credit for a credit card. To make matters worse, with each turn down you are lowering your credit score and making your credit worse!  That’s when you should look for sub prime credit cards that cater to people with less than perfect credit.

Subprime cards are issued by banks to customers whom most credit companies turn down.  These cards tend to have higher interest rates and lower credit limits than “normal” credit cards, but they are a great way to start to build or rebuild credit.  You can get a secured or unsecured card thru these banks. 

Follow these Steps to get a Credit Card for Yourself

With some determination and careful planning, you can have the credit file and the credit card of your dreams; just follow the steps we have laid out for you:

  •     Know Your Credit Score
  •     Apply For Credit Cards You Can Get
  •     Pay Off Those Cards Every Month
  •     Don’t miss a payment! Late payments will lower your score
  •     Wait 6 months to a year before trying to apply for a better credit card with a lower interest rate. (if your credit score can support it)

Finding credit cards for people with bad credit that don’t require a security deposit can be done, start doing your research today!

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